Monday, October 19, 2009


OHOP or Oxford House of Prayer began on April 4, 2008 and has met every Friday night, with few exceptions .... that's 81 weeks. We've seen roughly 100 individuals come through the doors, representing about 10 different churches. Attendance varies from 10 to 35, but has never exceeded 35. People ask why it doesn't grow. And here's what God impressed upon my heart:

It's not about the masses, it's about the one.
It's not about the one, it's about the masses.

Two simple statements that appear, at first, to contradict one another, but in reality they complete each other.

OHOP is about the one who has a need and meets that need in Jesus on a Friday night. I've prayed with a college student anxious for an exam, a mother anxious for a child, a person needing physical healing or healing for a family member, a man needing deliverance, a woman needing to feel God's presence and love, and 100 other stories. God always makes provision for the one, and when that one receives a touch it becomes about the masses.

OHOP is also about the masses. We pray for the city, for area churches, for the nations. We know that when God is about to move He always sets His people to praying. When the masses are changed, they will impact the one.

I'm called to OHOP and to prayer and I'm not that concerned with the numbers. I made a committment to pray for the one and for the masses every Friday night. Because in the end, the ONE who really matters will always be there .... and worship and prayer for an audience of ONE will always impact the masses.


OHOP Core Values
"My house shall be called a house of prayer..." Mark 11:17

#1 - You will become what you gaze upon. Participating in OHOP will cause you to focus on the King -- in prayer -- in worship -- in surrender. The more you focus on HIM the more you will become like HIM and everything else will begin to fade away (sin; bad habits; meaningless noise; misguided priorities).

#2 - Praying together brings about unity. We are all encouraged to pray alone in our prayer closets and that's a vital part of prayer. But when we join together in prayer; our voices combine into powerful prayers. The Bible says (Deut. 32:30) that one can put a thousand to flight (or subdue a thousand enemies) and two can put ten thousand to flight. Now that's the kind of multiplication I like. Prayer will crush the enemy. Also, praying with others will challenge you; just like iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17); God will cause the rough edges to get smoothed out. You will be challenged; even uncomfortable at times; and that's a good thing. If you're comfortable with prayer in your prayer closet; then OHOP will seem familiar to you -- but, if you're not spending time in prayer when you're all alone; OHOP will seem foreign; maybe even make you feel like you just visited another world -- and the truth is YOU HAVE.

#3 - OHOP is a discipleship/training program. If you hang out at the House of Prayer you will hear prayer modeled; see prayer in action; hear the WORD being lifted up in prayer; learn to pray. It's a learning tool. Want to have a powerful prayer life? Hang out at the House of Prayer. Prayer can be taught; but more often it's "caught." The anointing is transferable.

#4 - Prayer changes things. God does nothing but in response to prayer. And, when He wants to act, He sets his people to praying. When you grasp that your prayers are making a difference; that your prayers are changing your city or region; that your prayers are being heard by God; that you just saved someone's life in prayer; you will NEVER be the same. You won't be able to stay away!

#5 - Prayer is exciting. God loves to talk (more than we love to listen). God even calls us His friends (John 15:15) and He enjoys sharing His secrets with us. His thoughts toward us are innumerable (Psalm 139:17-18); ask Him and He will tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3).

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